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An editorial illuminating the essence of the human touch in fashion photography, ʻfuture clashʼ showcases the elements of movement, emotion and personality as the authentic characteristics that distinguish and define us. In an era marked by advancing technology, including AI-generated content and avatars, our humanity stands as a vital and irreplaceable factor, and is especially crucial in a world where authenticity is increasingly elusive.

ʻFuture clashʼ emphasises the historical role of real people breathing life into fashion and infusing it with vitality. As a reflection of societal spirit, fashion finds its truest expression when presented on real individuals. To capture the interplay between different personalities, the series features two models, both as a dynamic duo interacting with each other, and as individuals.

This approach aims to underscore the enduring significance of the human touch, movement and emotion in fashion photography.

Published by Kaltblut Magazine. 

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